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Behkavan Noavar Arna co


super shoot

Game Design and publish

Supershoot is a fun android game for teenagers and kids This game got more than 200,000 unique downloads in a month, when released in early 2014.
During the game, the user will play as one of the team’s fans and tries to set a record for the team he roots for. The player hits the ball and tries to use mechanics of the game to prevent the ball from stopping.During the game, legendary football players from both teams will help the player.
You’ve probably played Angry Birds. Game experts have unanimously acknowledged that one of the reasons for this game’s success was its implementation of physics laws. Similarly Supershoot needed such physics laws for ball movements, forces, hitting objects. We managed to analyse and customize these physics laws to make the game more fun.
There are lots of factors for a game to be a hit and most of the times these factors are invisible to people.

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