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Behkavan Noavar Arna co


BPI Kids

web design

Kids BPI or Pasargad’s portal for kids is the first portal dedicated to children with Gamification approach. In 2014 Kids BPI with the intension of creating suitable virtual environment to educate and familiarize youngsters with financial and banking terms in the form of entertainment was created. A friendly and suitable website for kids has to be designed in a way to be accessible without any knowledge or skill and also contains materials with logical and behavioral symmetry. Fortunately, Kids BPI received a warm welcome and positive response from its users which were kids and their parents, Just after launching. At Two teams of highly experienced specialists in both technical field and kids related content are supporting and maintaining this website. Sections and features such as painting, Interactive stories, Puzzles, Riddles, Music and Games were gathered in a single place. The first interactive stories in IRAN in which, The story line will be decided upon kid’s own decision were used In this website.

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