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web design

When a website is designed for a great number of audiences, unique features are required. From software aspect website has to be designed in a way to have both, fast response time and 24/7 up time. This aspect becomes more crucial when this website is a banking website and even the slightest of customers’ unsatisfactory or unresponsiveness of services are at utmost importance for the bank managers. In addition, Servers which support this amount of users, Has to follow the recent standards and their clustering and configurations, network support with 99.9 uptime and also Security need to be accompanied with the knowledge of the day and many years of experience.

In another hand, Hackers are very interested in banking websites. This interest increases when bank has tremendous amount of users. The least of sabotage is preventing website from providing services and the complex ones could go up to data theft or manipulation. Pasargad’s technical specialists have to be on alert in every moment to prevent or deflect these attacks. Types and numbers of these attacks are great but with the help of engineers and specialists at ARNA, We overcame them and now have a vast knowledge and experience for maintaining such websites.

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