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Behkavan Noavar Arna co


World of Adones

Game Design and publish

This game happens in the universe of Adon with all characters from the game of Heroes of Adon but in a 3D environment. World of Adon is a Turn Based Role Playing Game which is very similar to a very popular Japanese Role Playing genre. World of Adon is an online Role Playing game with the emphasis on group playing and designed for handheld devices (iOS, Android, Windows phone). In the world of Adon you select a character and customize it to your likings. Options for customization will increase during game when player’s character levels up. In this game, Two players battle each other in a turn based manner and winner gets gold and XP. Game has an inside market, In which players are able to buy or sell their goods and gears. These gears and goods help the character to level up, And be a better fighter in battles.