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Behkavan Noavar Arna co


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At ARNA we do our best to keep the workplace dynamic and motivated. We always use latest methodologies and web technologies in our products and try to keep them up to date.

We're looking for experts with following skills

PHP backend Developer

  • PHP senior developer
  • Experienced in working SQL with and ORMs
  • Experienced in CSS, jQuery, HTML, Javascript
  • Experienced in Object Oriented concepts and Design patterns
  • Familiar with one of the PHP frameworks ( Kohana , Symfony , Zend , Yii )
  • Familiar with Agile methodology specifically Scrum

UI/UX Developer

  • Highly skilled in JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3
  • Highly skilled in using jQuery
  • Familiar with CSS preproccessor languages like sass, less
  • Familiar with JavaScript‌ MVC,MVVM Frameworks
  • Familiar with node.js
  • Familiar with Grunt & git
  • Familiar with web design & UX principals
  • Familiar with PHP
  • Familiar with Agile methodology specifically Scrum

Game Developer

  • Highly skilled in a high level languages, C# preferred
  • Familiar with game engines Architecture such as Unity
  • Familiar with component based Architecture
  • Highly skilled in Perforce version control
  • Familiar with Agile methodology specifically Scrum