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Behkavan Noavar Arna co


Behkavan Noavar Arna co

ARNA, Web Solutions & Online Entertainment

About ARNA

Web Solutions

For years ARNA’s experts have been working on big websites and cutting edge web technologies were used to deliver state-of-the-art products. These technologies are well established now. Through years, ARNA has faced many challenges and has succeeded to overcome them. These challenges made us stronger and now we are proud to say that ARNA is one of the most successful companies in delivering great web solutions.
At ARNA, Our focus is to develop distinguishable portals. Portals such as KidsBPI (educational and informative website for kids), TTBank website, (Iran’s most popular TV show). Each of these is indication of our team’s capabilities.
For companies whose brands and names are of greatest importance and owning a prestigious website is crucial for their business, ARNA is a unique choice.


Online Entertainment

By gathering the best experts in gaming industry, we at ARNA are trying to improve the Iranian game market by producing world class games. Entering the international game market and standing shoulder to shoulder with game giants are our ultimate goals and to achieve them, It is inevitable to use complex and cutting edge technologies and combine them with artistic elements.
By merging our game making abilities and “Gamification” concepts, We are trying to introduce areas untouched by games to gamers and non-gamers and prove that games are not only for entertainment but can also be used for educational purposes.

Our Values

Customer's satisfaction is of utmost importance for us

Our constructive interaction is based on mutual understanding and ethical values

Recognizing new solutions before customer’s need

We love what we do and believe every staff has to be comfortable and satisfied

Always will be knowledge base

No problem should be left unsolved or undealt

ARNA On Media

We're honored to be mentioned on following medias (in persian)

Super Shoot

Berooz an IT show on IRIB channel 3 called Supershoot, ‘Very successful and popular mobile game’. It gives a report on how this game used rivalry of two of Iran’s biggest football teams in its gameplay.

Cafe' tech

IRIB Channel 4 looks at various areas of IT industry around the world and in Iran. Due to Bank Pasargad Kids' website triumph, Arna's CEO, Mohsen Akbari Moayed was invited to this show to discuss IT and Kids.

90 TV show website

The FIFA world cup 2014 TV show website ( designed and executed by ARNA. Due to its success it became official website for 90 –IRIB ranked one TV show – and met with unprecedented success.

ARNA News on Different News Media (in persian)

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